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7 Ways to Increase Your Travel Nurse Salary

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7 Ways to Increase Your Travel Nurse Salary

Finding a new job as a travel nurse can be difficult. You’re used to working in a clinical environment, and now you need to adapt to different work schedules, manage money on your own, and switch up your daily routine to accommodate the needs of an employer. But these challenges shouldn’t dampen your spirits! Working as a travel nurse offers many perks that make it worth it in the end. For example, some jobs come with higher wages than others. Unfortunately, not all travel nurses are privy to this information before applying for jobs or taking tests for upcoming shifts.

That means you have to know what questions to ask and how to increase your chance of getting that highest salary possible when you are hired. Discovering new things is one of the biggest perks about becoming a travel nurse. The more places you visit, the better it gets for you! Travel nursing gives you access to different cultures and opportunities that most people wouldn’t even think about. With all these advantages, why not work on making yourself more attractive from an opportunity standpoint? Here are seven ways that increase your travel nurse salary

Be selective about the shifts you accept

The first step in any travel nurse salary increase is being selective about the shifts you accept. This can be done by asking the employer several questions and knowing what they expect from you. Do they have a specific geographical location? Do they have a special certification system in place? Are there any regulatory requirements that need to be met? If certain things are important to the employer, then you should know what those things are and make sure that your skills align with these requirements.

For example, if their goal is to establish an on-call program for travel nurses, then you should make sure that your skills are in line with creating an on-call program. And once again, don’t forget to ask about pay! If a job requires a particular certification or experience level, then chances are it will come with higher pay.

Ask for pay increases when they’re due to you

Most employers will offer an annual pay increase based on your experience. This is a great opportunity to ask for a higher salary if you are unsatisfied with the current one. A lot of travel nurses don’t know how to negotiate their salary, so when they get into the workplace, they assume that it was decided for them and that there’s nothing more to be done. This can lead to resentment and frustration from the employer and dissatisfaction from the employee. Not asking for a raise early in your career could cost you thousands at the end of your career!

Take the pay increase in cash or by other means

The most obvious way to increase your salary is to take the pay increase in cash or by other means. If you feel that the amount offered is too low, it’s not worth working for the company, and you should look elsewhere. You might want to consider renegotiating your contract or taking a pay cut if they aren’t willing to raise their offer. Job satisfaction is important, but so are finances.

But how can you make sure you are getting paid what you deserve? One way is by participating in online surveys. Sometimes companies will offer $100-200 just to participate in a survey with them. They want to know more about their customers and how they can improve their service. That’s why some travel nurses participate in surveys on behalf of companies so they collect data that helps them make better decisions when it comes to hiring and improving services for their clients.

Be flexible with your work schedule

The first step to increasing your travel nurse salary is to be flexible with your work schedule. If you’re originally from the US, move abroad for six months, or even a year! This will give you a chance to experience different cultures and learn about new things that most people wouldn’t even think about. Having some time off during your job search will also help you decide if travel nursing is something you want to pursue full-time or part-time. It will give you the opportunity to try out living in another country, and it could also help find a better career path than travel nursing.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate a higher salary

The first step to getting a higher salary as a travel nurse is to know what you’re worth. That means being able to negotiate your salary before signing on the dotted line. You have the power in this negotiation, and you should use it. Don’t be afraid to ask for more money or change certain aspects of your job to meet your needs and work with your employer. Be confident in yourself and assertive in the negotiation process. Achieving success as a travel nurse is about setting goals for yourself that are attainable within a reasonable time frame and then working towards them. Place value on hard work and discipline, so don’t get caught up trying to move too quickly or become stagnant with your career progression. Know where you want to be in three years from now, but also know that life has its own plans for you!

Help others find your services

One of the best ways to increase your travel nurse salary is to find a way to help others find your services. You can display your work on social media, advertise on Craigslist, or create a website where people can contact you for more information about what you are offering. The more people that find out about your services and try it out, the more likely people will be to hire you!

Stay informed about new developments and laws

One of the biggest benefits about being a travel nurse is that you get to work in different areas every few months. This allows you to keep up with new developments and laws in your field, which is important for your job. Stay informed by following relevant news sources on social media and joining professional groups. Another way to stay informed is through continuing education courses. These courses give you valuable information about the latest trends in your field and teach you how to manage these changes.


You can increase your salary by sticking to a few simple strategies. By doing these 7 things, you’ll have a higher chance at earning more money and finding the right balance between work and life.

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