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10 Ways to Travel on a Budget Using Amex

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10 Ways to Travel on a Budget Using Amex

Traveling can be expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank in order to see the world. With a little research and know-how, you can travel on a budget using American Express. If you are an AmEx user, you already know that AmEx offers some of the best cash-back credit cards around. These offers don’t just offer fantastic rates, but they also come with great benefits like being able to use your card wherever American Express is accepted, no annual fee, and more.

One of the best ways to travel on a budget using Amex is by using their various hotel credit cards. This doesn’t just give you access to low-cost hotels when traveling but it also allows you to earn bonus points towards your total spending which usually equates to much better value than what other cashback credit cards offer. Check out our article listing all of the hotels AmEx has partnered with for more information on this matter:

Amex Offer Hotel Protection

Another way to travel on a budget with Amex is by using their hotel credit cards. With most of these cards, you can earn bonus points towards your total spending which usually equate to much better value than what other cash back credit cards offer. This is because the vast majority of hotels that participate in this program have special promotions to entice you into staying at a particular property such as free breakfast or free wifi. These promotional offers are also usually limited time only.

Most importantly, if you find yourself in any kind of trouble while staying at one of these properties, AmEx will work hard to help you out and make sure you are taken care of. Additionally, if for whatever reason there is an issue with your stay at one of the partnered hotels, Amex will offer $500 off your travel bill towards accommodations and other services. By using Amex’s hotel credit cards and getting exclusive deals from partnering hotels in exchange for being a cardholder, travel can seem like an inexpensive option when it really isn’t!

Use Points to Book

Hotel Rooms Another way to save money by using American Express is by using points. You earn one point for every dollar you spend on your AmEx card, and then you can redeem these points for hotel stays, flights or other rewards. In most cases, it’s worth it to use your AmEx credit cards instead of cash because they offer much better value than standard cash back cards. For example, if you pay $1,000 with a cash back card that offers 3% in cash back, that would be worth $30.

If you pay the same amount with an AmEx card that offers a 5% rebate, the value would be worth more than $50 ($1,000/2%*5%). The next time you travel abroad, don’t worry about carrying around heavy luggage. check out our article on best ways to pack light when traveling . With so many different methods to travel on budget with Amex credit cards , there’s no excuse not to explore the world!

Ask for Travel Rewards Credit

Card Another way to travel on a budget using Amex is by asking for a travel rewards credit card. If you’re unsure which card to request, ask your current card company if they offer any AmEx cards. You can also ask friends or family members that are AmEx users who have a card that might be of use to you. The process is pretty simple: fill out the application, answer some questions and voila, you’re approved!

Compare Airline Partnerships

Another way to travel on a budget is by comparing airline partnerships. By doing this, you can eliminate the hassle of finding flights to your destination and just focus on the hotel. American Express offers great airline partnerships that allow you to get the best value for your money. The partnership with Delta has one of the most expansive offerings and provides benefits like being able to earn miles with every purchase you make and special perks such as priority boarding at no extra cost, waived baggage fees, complimentary Wi-Fi and more. Additionally, AmEx Platinum card holders have access to partner airlines including Aeromexico, Finnair, KLM and more.

When traveling on a budget using Amex, it is important to remember not to skimp on travel insurance. If you are planning a trip abroad or even just across state lines, make sure you have a comprehensive insurance plan in place so that nothing goes wrong when traveling and all you have left is debt instead of memories! Amex cards offer some of the best cash back credit cards around when it comes to traveling on a budget.

They are great options if you want low cost hotels or if you want access to partner airlines which can help bring down your overall cost of travel significantly. You should also always compare airline partnerships with AmEx cards so that you can get the best value for your money and don’t end up spending too much time or money booking flights once at your destination.

Check Out Hotels Directly from Amex

Amex offers a number of credit cards designed for travelers. These cards give you access to some of the best perks around and have no annual fee! This means that you can save money on fees, compare what each card has to offer, and choose which one is perfect for your trip. AmEx also allows you to earn bonus points towards your total spending which usually equates to much better value than what other cash back credit cards offer.

Stay in a Hostel or Airbnb With Cash Back

Credit Cards If you’ve never stayed in a hostel or Airbnb before, it can be scary. You might have this idea that you’ll have to sacrifice personal space and comfort to save money. But with cash back credit cards, this is not the case. American Express offers cash back credit card options that offer value at a number of different levels. There are premium cards as well as more affordable options for those who want to stay in a hotel but don’t want to spend $150+ on accommodations each night. If you want the full experience, AmEx offers cards that get you access to all kinds of amenities like airport lounges, free wi-fi and more. Check out our article detailing the best AmEx hotels for more information:

Find Free Accommodation Options

Another great way to travel on a budget using Amex is by finding free accommodation. There are plenty of websites that list free hotels, hostels and B&B’s throughout the world. You can also find these options with online search engines like Google or Bing. This can be an easy way to save money if you know where your destination is located and there aren’t many hotels near by or if you happen to be traveling on a tight budget.

Keep Your Car While Traveling

Another way to travel on a budget is by keeping your car while you are traveling. If you are staying at a hotel with free parking, this is an excellent way to save money and convenience. This doesn’t just provide the added perk of not having to get a rental car but it also has the potential to earn you bonus points towards your total spending, which will definitely help when redeeming those points for some travel savings.


If you are looking to travel on a budget, consider using Amex. There are a variety of ways to travel on a budget and still have a great time.

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